Saturday, 25 January 2014

Scan, Scan, Scan

A bit like the Monty Python sketch Spam, Spam, Spam but in fact this job is quite enjoyable. 

The scanning process is a chore in itself with dozens of photos to scan. But the fact that they are from the 1900's mean there's some fascinating stuff to observe and learn from.  However I do get paid for my skill in undertaking such work and have been involved in quite a number of projects involving thecpublishing of books that now feature my handiwork in this discipline. Very satisfying all in all. 


  1. I understand from a friend that old black and white photographs when scanned can reveal some aspects maybe hidden to previous observers. Treasures and secrets uncovered at the touch of a switch.

  2. Maybe now and again Jane but not routinely. Some things can appear through the murk and mists of time but nothing that wasn't already there. Modern technology can often revive faded and damaged prints giving them a new lease of life.